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Cleaning Up, Naturally

Welcome to the Wiggley Field web site.

We hope you will enjoy your stay with us. Wiggley Field, the web page of Gardengold, is dedicated to cleaning up the environment naturally. We believe that waste streams can be cleaned up with composting, and vermicomposting (worm composting).

Worms Are Voracious And Hard Workers

Worms do so much more for the environment than the average person knows. Eisenia fetida, the redworm is the most used worm for composting. It is very hardy, taking the extremes of temperature and soil conditions better than any other worm. They are hardy eaters, turning waste into valuable castings, and are prolific breeders.

Eisenia fetida are used in different ways to clean up waste. A small scale system may be used to clean up leftovers, kitchen scraps, fruit and vegetable peels, plate scrapings, pizza crust, and those things you find in the refrigerator when you clean it.

Medium scale systems can be used to clean up grass clippings and lawn trimmings by first composting and then feeding to worms.

Large scale systems can use an invessel system also known as a continuous flow system that will handle hundreds of pounds of organic material a day. Large scale windrow systems can handle thousands of pounds of material a day, and are used to remove animal waste and other organic materials such as paper sludge.

Redworms, Red Worms, Eisenia fetida, Eisenia foetida

They are called many things, Eisenia fetida, Eisenia foetida, Redworm, Red Worm, Red Wiggler, Tiger Worms, and Manure Worms just to name a few. Most of the time they are called Eisenia fetida by those in the industry and scientific community, Redworms by those doing home composting, and Redworm or Red Wiggler by those fishing with them.

This world needs cleaning up, and Wiggley Field is here to help

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